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About Us

Original Brand Screenprinting company was founded in 2016 by two long time friends from Pittsburgh, Pa.  One was a self taught graphic designer (who knew) and sales manager while the other was an entrepreneur with an idea of starting a clothing company.  After a few pizza and beer meetings, a business plan (on a napkin) and the purchase of an existing screenprinting operation out of New York, Original Brand screenprinting was established.  Or initial goal was to help local small business establish their “own” branding and promotion through garment advertising using our creative minds. We have since develop our own in house designs and branding while still servicing our roots and core values of helping other businesses expand and advertise.  We have been working our asses off as a small local business, as all our screenprinting is done “in-house”  by us, in which we take great pride and stand behind everything we create. We would like to thank our friends, families and local businesses for all of your support as we would not be here today without you and we are having a blast doing what we love while working our asses off in the process.  Don't make it a good day....MAKE IT A GREAT DAY.

Much love,